I don't want to express right now an opinion on the number of bits to use for the DH exchange - Mr. Pornin is the expert here so heed his advice - but to use the DH secret result as a password you can either use the PBKDF2 algorithm and ask it to generate the desired password length, or (a weaker approach compared to PBKDF2) just hash the DH

DH performs this protected exchange by making a "shared secret" (once in a while called a "Key Encryption Key" or KEK) between two devices. The shared secret then encrypts the symmetric key for secure transmittal. The symmetric key is some of the time called a "Tra c Encryption Key" (TEK) or "Data linux - DH GEX group out of range - Server Fault Thanks, this was a helpful answer. I would add that it is also possible to specify -o diffie-hellman-group14-sha1 only, and that is still generally considered secure and will comply with most organizations' security policies at this time. Group 14 is 2048-bit. Especially in enterprise scenarios (like when OpenSSL/OpenSSH have been incorporated into commercial products), people will probably be RFC 4419 - Diffie-Hellman Group Exchange for the Secure RFC 4419 SSH DH Group Exchange March 2006 It is recommended to use 2 as generator, because it improves efficiency in multiplication performance. It is usable even when it is not a primitive root, as it still covers half of the space of possible residues. 6.2.Private Exponents To increase the speed of the key exchange, both client and server may reduce the size of their private exponents.

Under normal circumstances, the client and server agree on a bit length and exchange keys making use of a DH prime from the moduli file, e.g. /etc/ssh/moduli (I know this last statement is very "laymen's speak," but that is roughly the long and the short of it). In this case, what I think I am seeing is that the bit-length negotiation is failing.

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