To view the routing table of a FreeBSD system, use netstat (1): % netstat -r Routing tables Internet: Destination Gateway Flags Refs Use Netif Expire default outside-gw UGS 37 418 em0 localhost localhost UH 0 181 lo0 test0 0:e0:b5:36:cf:4f UHLW 5 63288 re0 77 link#1 UHLW 1 2421 link#1 UC 0 0 host1 0:e0:a8:37:8:1e UHLW 3 4601 lo0 host2 0:e0:a8:37:8:1e UHLW 0 5 lo0

Installing OpenVPN on FreeBSD is pretty simple: cd /usr/ports/security/openvpn make install clean/usr/ports/security/openvpn You will find sample configuration files at /usr/local/share/doc/openvpn/sample-config-files but I will share my configuration files with you. OpenVPN On FreeBSD 10.3 | John Ramsden Jul 25, 2016 How To Configure and Connect to a Private OpenVPN Server Apr 14, 2015

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FreeBSD Clients and Installation¶ If the client has a stock FreeBSD installation, OpenVPN may be found in the ports collection. To install OpenVPN, run the following as root: # cd /usr/ports/security/openvpn && make install clean. Alternately, it can be installed from packages: # pkg install openvpn. Install OpenVPN on FreeNAS | If you want OpenVPN to run in a jail, you must first create one. If you already have jail, or don't want to use it go to step 2. Go to the FreeNAS GUI. In the menu, click on Jail→ Add Jail. Turn Your FreeNAS Box Into the Ultimate Anonymous

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Affects: users of security/openvpn* Author: Reason: security/openvpn has been upgraded to the IPv6-capable v2.3.0. This upgrade moves easy-rsa into a separate package in security/easy-rsa that is pre-selected as default run-time dependency, and …