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Supreme Court of Pakistan - Simple English Wikipedia, the The Supreme Court (Urdu: عدالت عظمیٰ ‎) (abbreviated as the SCP) is the apex court in Pakistan's judicial hierarchy, the final arbiter of legal and constitutional disputes.. The Supreme Court has a permanent seat in Islamabad.It also has a number of Branch Registries in 4-5 major cities where cases are heard. It has a number of de jure powers which are outlined in the Constitution. Supreme Court of India - Simple English Wikipedia, the The Supreme Court of India is the highest court of India which gives justice to people if they had made any offence. This short article about Asia can be made longer. You can help Wikipedia by adding to it . The Supreme Court We are the final court of appeal in the UK for civil cases, and for criminal cases from England, Wales and Northern Ireland. The Supreme Court hears cases of the greatest public or constitutional importance affecting the whole population.

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Supreme Court of the United States | How to Get Away with The Supreme Court of the United States is a location on How to Get Away with Murder. This federal court is the highest in the country. Olivia Pope was able to get Annalise Keating's class action lawsuit seen at the court which would have otherwies have been practically impossible. Employees Chief Justice Patrick Montgomery, Justice Mark Spivey, Justice Strickland, Justice Helen Bass, Justice File:Seal of the United States Supreme Court.svg

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Supreme Court of Texas - Wikipedia The Supreme Court of Texas (SCOTX) is the court of last resort for civil appeals (including juvenile delinquency cases, which are categorized as civil under the Texas Family Code) in the U.S. state of Texas.A different court, the Texas Court of Criminal Appeals (CCA), is the court of last resort in criminal cases.. The Court has its seat at the Supreme Court Building on the State Capitol Merrick Garland Supreme Court nomination - Wikipedia