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GitHub - amahi/platform: Core of the Amahi Platform, a web The Amahi Platform is a web-based app that allows management of users, shares, apps, networking and other settings in a Linux-based PC, VM or ARM-based system. The Amahi Platform is part of Amahi and supports the services provided by Amahi . Supercharging a home network with Amahi - Nov 07, 2008

Supercharging a home network with Amahi -

Overview of Installation. Welcome to Amahi! We realize that installing is the hardest part of getting your Amahi server running. The latest stable release is Amahi 11.. The minimum hardware requirements for this release are a 1+GHz PC (64-bit processor only), 1+GB System Memory, 10GB of drive space, internet connectivity (wired only), and as much extra storage as you want! Amahi 11 Install - Amahi Wiki

App Install Failures: bigfoot65: 08/10/2016 10:38 AM: App Install: 2073: Bug: New: Normal: hda-ctl calls hda-change-network, which blocks for a long time: cpg: 06/22/2016 09:54 PM: 2066: Bug: Feedback: Normal: The Dashboard has encountered an exception! cbelldina: cbelldina: 06/05/2016 02:44 PM: Dashboard UI: 2063: Bug: Feedback: Normal: SAMBA

Google Summer of Code 2018 Final Report @ Amahi Introduction. Hello! I am Sanjit Chakrabarti, studying BTech in CS at SRSIT. Over the last few months, I worked with Amahi to improve the installation, networking and apps section of Amahi 11, which is the newer version of Linux-powered home server. Greyhole - Redundant Storage Pooling using Samba