Jun 17, 2013 · What Is The Best Army Post To Be Stationed At? Savannah GA home of Paula Deen. That question is asked almost weekly on the AW101 Facebook page. Believe it or not sometimes military folks are given a select group of military installations to choose from and they just don’t know where they want to go or where is the best place to go.

The United States Army is the oldest and largest of the five armed services; George Washington served as the first commander in chief of the Continental Army. Find Army installations and links to their military websites, army bases, posts, depots, command centers, training facilities, and testing facilities. That really depends on you, what you like, and what your job is. Many will say that Fort Carson, JBLM, Hawai'i, Germany, Italy, or JBSA are the best because they have a lot of amenities, are located in some cool places, and have a variety of acti Jul 28, 2017 · Best Military Bases OCONUS: Naples, Italy Naples, Italy, famous for its beauty, is home to the US Sixth Fleet and the US Naval Forces Europe . Being stationed there can be a dream if you love the Feb 24, 2009 · Every battalion in the Army needs a CSO, or Common Sense Officer. This would be a CPT CW3 position, and it should absolutely be considered KD for most branches. The CSO's job is to look at all the decisions coming out of battalion and ask 'does this make any sense?' If not, they advise accordingly. Panzer Kaserne is one of the almost 60 co-bases located in Germany and run by the United States of America. It is operated by the US Army, but under German regulations. It is located in a small area of Stuttgart – Boeblingen, in the southern side of Germany. The good news about the bases in […] Nov 28, 2016 · Those in the Army Reserve will serve at a post or Reserve Center closer to home. The Army is engaged in operations worldwide, ranging from humanitarian support and peacekeeping to direct combat. This map indicates the Army bases located across the globe, where Soldiers are currently stationed.

Jun 29, 2016 · From California to Korea, the United States Army covers more than 150 countries. Soldiers deciding on where to hang their patrol cap have a number of incredible options.

Aug 11, 2015 · Wrong being station at Fort Irwin for 10 years. It is one of the best duty station. We are in the Army for one reason, and that is to win wars. Fort Irwin has the most realistic training in the world. And the training saves lives. Where else can you be stationed that you can go see a lakers game on friday night than drive to vegas that same day. Mar 24, 2016 · Base: US Army Garrison Stuttgart. Best reason to be stationed there: It’s hard to narrow Germany’s many military bases down to just one, but Stuttgart has the benefit of being situated in a Nov 24, 2015 · A few months back we asked current and former military personnel where in the US they most enjoyed being stationed, and why. And these were their picks for the “Best Military Towns in America

Jun 18, 2020 · Best Military Bases for Outdoor Enthusiasts 1. Naval Base Kitsap . Location: Bremerton, Bangor, and Keyport, Washington. Military Branch: Navy. If you love the great outdoors and don’t mind a little rain, Naval Base Kitsap is one of the prettiest places to be stationed. The constant rainfall makes the entire region green and lush year-round.

1. Ft Leonard Wood, MO - Theres nothing there and its a basic training post 2. Ft Campbell, KY - Highest suicide rate in the entre military the last 6 out of 7 years. Surrounded by two smaller Feb 24, 2009 · the Army's best kept secret if you will. i always hear it sucks from everyone that has had the misfortune pleasure of being stationed there.. level 2. Mar 23, 2016 · Though Air Force bases are considered to be some of the best installations among all the services, the branch still has a number that fall below par. Unlike Jan 19, 2018 · The top 5 naval bases are sure to have some people groan, some disagree and some nod their head in joyful nostalgia. The sun, the surf, food, and activities available help us round out this list. So I grew up as a marine brat and loved the bases I was fortunate to go to. Now I am an army wife. I am from Texas and we are stationed at Ft.Hood. I personally hate it here. I say this because I am from a big city and this place is small. It does not have everything you want.