Returns the workstation name. Transact-SQL Syntax Conventions. Syntax HOST_NAME Return Types. nvarchar(128) Remarks. When the parameter to a system function is optional, the current database, host computer, server user, or database user is assumed. Built-in …

What Is a Hostname? (Host Name Definition) May 22, 2020 Find your email server's IMAP and SMTP information Mar 18, 2020 What is a Nameserver? | InMotion Hosting Support Center Dec 19, 2012

SERVER_NAME. The server's host name, DNS alias, or IP address as it would appear in self-referencing URLs. SERVER_PORT. The server port number to which the request was sent. SERVER_PORT_SECURE. A string that contains either 0 or 1. If the request is being handled on the secure port, then this is 1. Otherwise, it is 0.

How to find your server name in cPanel Oct 31, 2016 terminology - Is host name and server name the same thing With "server name" or "machine name" it is intended, well, the name (hostname) of the server or the machine. Note that the hostname (e.g. jupiter) usually doesn't include the domain name (e.g. Together, they form a FQDN (Fully Qualified Domain Name): This is the most precise usage.

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Host Name Aliases: In many server environments, Network Administrators have configured more than one network name (in the Domain Name Service (DNS) server), that resolve to the IP address of the same server. Normally, each such network name would be configured as a separate Host element in conf/server.xml, each with its own set of web applications. what host name do I use for Hotmail incom… - Apple Community Mar 22, 2014 Unable to find server name of SQL Server - Database Under SQL Server Services in the left pane, you will click and see Name, State, Start Mode, and Log On As for columns. You should see SQL Server(NAME). Hopefully it is running, right click and go to properties. Click on the Service tab, you will see the Host Name, Name, Process ID, and other information here. IBM DB2: Five Ways to Discover the Hostname of an iSeries Cause . . . . . : Relational database AS400 was specified in a 3 part name in the statement. However, either the name is not the same as the current server SERVERNAME, or the name is not the same as a relational database name specified previously in the statement. Now my 4-part queries on a DB2 Linked server in SQL Server totally work.