OpenVpn with 2fa Setup. How to setup OpenVPN with two factor authentication, tls-auth for packet filtering, and high grade ciphers to keep your data well encrypted. and save the stored OATH-HOTP or OATH-TOTP into either google-authenticator or a 2fa security device like the Yubico Yubikey.

Getting started with OpenVPN. Three windows clients configuration questions: 1) The cryptoapicert option allows a thumbprint selector (which I've tried, and works), and a "SUBJ"ect selector. Situation: I'd rather not use the Thumbprint since when a certificate expires, I'd have to replace the client config files that reference it . A similar development project has been in KeePassX which has taken years in the thread supporting YubiKey DB unlock which is discussed and/or organised also in the thread How to 2-step authenticate by password + U2F Yubikey in Linux KeePassX. I think it is much better to put resources on the completion of the KeePassx project before providing a Viscosity version 1.8.4 is now available for both macOS and Windows! This update includes two-factor token authentication improvements, an updated version of OpenSSL for OpenVPN 2.3, a low-severity security fix, and a number of small bug fixes and improvements for Dec 20, 2016 · I’m a big fan of the YubiKey 4. The YubiKey is a security device that originally outputted a 44-character “one time password” that could be decoded and mathematically verified and used as a second factor for authentication. Over the last few years, improvements to the devices mean that they can also perform other important functions, […]

Sep 05, 2013

With your Yubikey still plugged in, you should see your SSH key when running the ssh-add command: $> ssh-add -l 4096 SHA256:XXXX cardno:0006064XXXX (RSA) That's all! SSH will now use the SSH key from your Yubikey, so don't forget to plug it in, before running ssh server.-=-

Apr 08, 2014

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