Mar 11, 2020

ITS provides innovative, reliable, and user-centric technology services and support for the U-M community. Connect Using the VPN. Important You must have a network connection to connect via the VPN. Launch the Cisco AnyConnect Secure Mobility client. Select UMVPN - All Traffic or UMVPN - Only U-M Traffic from the profile drop-down list. Click Connect. When prompted, authenticate using your uniqname and UMICH password. Complete Duo-Two-Factor authentication. Mar 11, 2020 · The VPN client essentially assigns your machine a network address as if it was located on­-campus. This allows many of the previously mentioned shortcuts and applications to function correctly. Additionally, as of October, 2011, any Remote Desktop Connections initiated from off­-campus will first require a VPN connection for security purposes. Download and Extract the Cisco AnyConnect VPN Client. Download the Cisco AnyConnect VPN client for Linux. When prompted, authenticate using your uniqname and UMICH password. Extract the VPN files: In a terminal, enter $ cd~/Downloads. Enter $ tar zxvf anyconnect-linux64-4.8.02042.tar.gz to extract the files.

The CAEN Windows Remote Desktop Service allows authorized CAEN Account holders to access remote editions of the CAEN Lab Software Environment (CLSE) for Windows over the network. It is intended to provide the same user interface as CAEN computer labs. The availability of some software may differ from CAEN labs due to vendor license terms, software compatibility, and performance limitations of

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VPN | U-M LSA LSA Technology Services VPN service is available at no cost to all university students, faculty, staff, and some sponsored affiliates with a valid uniqname and Kerberos password at Michigan Medicine, Ann Arbor, Dearborn and Flint. A separate profile is available for university alumni and retirees. To configure your device to use the VPN, visit the Getting Started page. Virtual Private Network | iMpact Web Portal | University