A new security audit the TrueCrypt software confirmed that even if it is plagued by some vulnerabilities, the application is effective when it comes to protecting data. TrueCrypt, secure or insecure … that is the question. A group of Ten auditors from the Fraunhofer Institute for Secure Information Technology has conducted a six-month audit of TrueCrypt […]

VeraCrypt / Forums / General Discussion: Veracrypt Audit 2016-4-19 TrueCrypt Provides Good Data Protection: Audit 2020-7-8 · A recent security audit has shown that while TrueCrypt is plagued by some vulnerabilities, the product is efficient when it comes to protecting data, particularly in cases where an encrypted disk is lost or stolen. TrueCrypt, a popular open source file and disk encryption software, The Fall of TrueCrypt and Rise of VeraCrypt | by Prof Bill Internally, with Version 7.1a, there had been an audit on the code, with an announcement on 28 May 2014 that there was a discontinuation of TrueCrypt, along with the release of version of 7.2

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TrueCrypt security audit reveals absence of The security audit of the popular encryption software TrueCrypt reveals the absence of the backdoor and other significant flaws exploitable by the NSA. The news of the day is the conclusion of the security audit of the popular encryption tool TrueCrypt that confirmed the absence of any backdoor neither critical design vulnerabilities inside the source code. TrueCrypt is a […] Someone seems to be trying to spy on VeraCrypt’s security

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TrueCrypt audit shows no sign of NSA backdoors, just some 2015-4-3 · To audit TrueCrypt’s 70,000 lines of code, a group called the Open Crypto Alliance Project raised more than $70,000 through crowdfunding. And last April, the first phase of that audit turned up