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Malware definition is - software designed to interfere with a computer's normal functioning. Malware - definition of malware by The Free Dictionary Define malware. malware synonyms, malware pronunciation, malware translation, English dictionary definition of malware. n. Malicious computer software that interferes with normal computer functions or sends personal data about the user to unauthorized parties over the Malware | Malware Wiki | Fandom

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Lazarus Group, a sophisticated hacking group associated with the North Korean government, is using a new malware framework to spread ransomware and steal databases

Thousands of enterprise systems infected by new Blue May 25, 2020 What Is the Difference Between Malware and a Virus? | McAfee The five types of malware. Besides viruses, multiple other types of malware can infect not only desktops, laptops, and servers, but also smartphones. Malware categories include the following: Worms. A worm is a standalone program that can self-replicate and spread over a network. Unlike a virus, a worm spreads by exploiting a vulnerability in There's now COVID-19 malware that will wipe your PC and Apr 02, 2020 What Is Malware? | McAfee